Christmas is here and this season comes with some certain feel of loneliness even in the midst of family and friends; quiet in the midst of joyous celebration and chants of merry. For some, this season comes with triggers of past injuries we are healing from. There are ways we all can enjoy this season in our own way at our pace.

Christmas can be challenging for those going through difficult times. Whatever this festive period means to you, it’s important that everyone feels safe and have the ability to manage their mental health throughout the holidays. For people who suffer from social anxiety, the festive season can be really daunting, with Christmas parties and family gatherings in view.

In this article, we spoke with Licensed Therapists/Psychologists on how to deal with the feelings of Loneliness, Anxiety and Triggers.

Anxiety is a normal emotion and part of human existence. We cannot not feel anxious in the face of certain situations. Anxiety becomes abnormal when it hinders the normalcy of usual flow of daily routine. This is when we need to seek medical help when our emotions becomes a problem to our normal daily living.

Here is how you can manage anxiety disorder this season?

Plan Things In Advance

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It is okay to manage your time and keep things well arranged and only take on small tasks that can be accomplished rather than rushing to do everything at once. And if required, remember it is OK to take a pause and give yourself a enough time to regroup. 

Talk to someone you trust
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For some individuals with mental health issues, If you feel overwhelmed or under pressure, don’t be scared or nervous or shy or unsure to talk to someone you trust about it. Have a chat with someone you know won’t judge you for feeling your feelings. It is fine to tell them how you feel.

Make time for yourself

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Christmas is not just about dancing to high volume music and travelling. It is also a time to care for yourself. You are meant to enjoy every minute this season your own way. Give yourself time to relax as much as your body and mind requires – don’t overlook little gestures like going out for a walk, meditating, gardening, writing, listening to your favorite songs etc, whatever makes you relax.

Get yourself adequate sleep

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Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. It is important to keep to a regular sleep pattern (as much as possible) over this festive period. Whatever you do, make sure you are very comfortable and familiar with it. Don’t try something new, like staying awake all day, if you are not really sure about it. Lack of sleep can add to anxiety/panic.

Tackling Loneliness

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For some people, this season ushers in some form of loneliness caused by the absence of a loved one etc. Whatever it could be, we have put together tips on ho to manage loneliness this festive period. You could be a university students and the thoughts of having no one to go home to for the holiday, can really set you apart to feel isolated. This is what I know; there few things you really can do to make you feel good. Yes, it is not an easy task to “just be happy.” However, whatever e become, we choose to. The power to become and “Unbecome” is within us.

Recently, I felt my goals were been halted by someone close to me who also happens to be a boss. I was on the verge of losing my mind in total. I felt isolated and wondered why I wasn’t a boy. I felt a rush of neglect. I chose to believe that I am Important to myself and the world. I meditated. Redirected myself into myself, I prayed to the universe, I spoke loudly to myself REMINDING ME OF THE MANY BATTLES I HAVE FOUGHT AND WON ALONE. This gave me strength. I did what I could do.

Here are some tips to help you feel alive for when you feel lonely and isolated

i. Volunteering 

I have never seen myself existing without volunteering. It is a part of me that cannot be erased. Every time I feel less of who I am or when people treat me badly, the only things I do, is give back. This act has saved me several times fro taking my on life whenever I feel no one really cares. For me, it is always the little things that mattered. I could reach out to someone and ask how they are, or an organization and give off my skills. Volunteer work is a great way to avoid feeling lonely at Christmas. Many people are in need at this time of the year and are in worse circumstances than you and I. I am always grateful for the opportunity to serve, no matter how small. Through volunteer work, you really can experience altruism. Altruism is the act of selflessly caring about the welfare of others. A great side effect of being altruistic is you end up feeling good yourself from giving to others.

Check for charity events online that are looking for volunteers or enquire with the charities in your local area. They will be grateful for your contribution and you will be giving back to others through contributing to the well-being of your community.

ii. Give gifts

I have always written Winston Churchill quote across my heart every time I need to give. “We make a life by what we give and a living by what we get.” this quotes reminds me of the benefits of always giving. Giving gifts to others is a wonderful way to show appreciation for those you care for or are special to you. Making someone you care about happy, gives a arm appreciative feelings that cannot be explained.

iii. Practice gratitude
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I think mostly of people who are homeless especially pregnant women, women and girls. I am always grateful that they are somewhat safe. There are some who won’t make the morning. But deep down in my heart I am always grateful for their divine protection. One thing I am always grateful for, is shelter.

No matter how bad I feel, I am always grateful for roof over my head. There’s really a lot to feel grateful for when you look around. I am also sometimes, grateful for the Market women who work so hard to cater for their wards.

It is always a miracle to see a woman working three times as hard to make sure her offspring are okay. This, I am always grateful for. It is okay to practice gratitude. It brings a sense of calm to a troubled soul. The practice of gratitude is a great way to move out of feeling sorry for yourself and your circumstances. When you can take time to reflect on all the things you have to be grateful for in your life, your troubles immediately become less significant.

The benefit of this is you can then see your situation with a big-picture perspective and shift your mood. This then gives you greater abilities to creatively problem solve and come up with new ideas and make good decisions in your life.


If you find yourself feeling stressed, under pressure or experiencing anxiety around this festive period or at any other time of year, Kindly seek the help of a Mental Health Professional.