“This year’s World Mental Health Day, on 10 October, comes at a time when our daily lives have changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The past months have brought many challenges: for health-care workers, providing care in difficult circumstances, going to work fearful of bringing COVID-19 home with them; for students, adapting to taking classes from home, with little contact with teachers and friends, and anxious about their futures; for workers whose livelihoods are threatened; for the vast number of people caught in poverty or in fragile humanitarian settings with extremely limited protection from COVID-19; and for people with mental health conditions, many experiencing even greater social isolation than before. And this is to say nothing of managing the grief of losing a loved one, sometimes without being able to say goodbye.

The economic consequences of the pandemic are already being felt, as companies let staff go in an effort to save their businesses, or indeed shut down completely.

Given past experience of emergencies, it is expected that the need for mental health and psychosocial support will substantially increase in the coming months and years. Investment in mental health programmes at the national and international levels, which have already suffered from years of chronic underfunding, is now more important than it has ever been.

This is why the goal of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign is increased investment in mental health.” UNITED FOR GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH

World Health Organization’s Initiative For World Mental Health Day 2020

Nigeria is the country in the continent of Africa with the largest number of young people with mental health issues. One in four Nigerians suffers from mental illness, but help is hindered by tight budgets and a lack of skilled staff. Over the years, this number has increased. There is an increased lack of Mental Health treatment, no one is free and safe to comfortably talk about Mental Illness. It is time more than ever to charge our leaders to take responsibilities and Invest in Mental Health. 

This year, we collaborated with WHO, Global Mental Health, and Go Speak Your Mind Campaigners to Move For Mental Health and urge our leaders to Invest in Mental Health.

Artists from around the globe composed a song for Mental Health “Move Together,” to implore our leaders globally to Move For Mental Health. This is a call to also remind leaders across all Boarders that it is #TimeToInvest in Mental Health for a booming economy and a safe future for everyone.

The future belongs to the youths and the future cannot be achieved if the mind is not stable. Economy cannot flourish if the mind is unstable. We must speak up against the stigma and discrimination meted out on individuals suffering from one Mental Health related Issues to another.

On this World Mental Health day, we partnered with the World Health Organization, United Global Mental Health and #GospeakyourMind Campaigner. We asking that the time is Now. Mental Health must be made a priority globally. According to Our Founder, Korede Bello, “The World can achieve global peace only if everyone is internally at peace

Korede Bello Initiative

Different artists from different part of the world came together to #Moveformentalhealth with this amazing theme song #MoveTogether. The narratives is not changing, we are charging everyone across the globe, in Nigeria, to take a stand to move for mental health. Mental Health For All.

We are glad to be part of a global movement raising awareness and creating safe spaces in the Mental Health Space.

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